COMEDY & POETRY AWARDS, GHANA is an annual awards event that seeks to honor personalities and celebrate the act of Comedy and Poetry in Ghana, with the focus of projecting, protecting and promoting the creative acts of Comedians and Poets. It further seeks to motivate and project the act, which in turn protects and promotes the growth and development of the industry to the world at large.


  1. To honor and appreciate Comedians, Poets and other industry players who worked enormously within the calendar year of the scheme, whose work(s) generated the most public excitement
  2. To provide an international platform through which the Ghanaian Comedy and Poetry industry can be accessed.
  3. To reward veteran Comedians and Poets who have blazed the trail in the entertainment and arts industry.
  4. To motivate and boost the morale of comedians and poets in the creative industry.
  5. To promote and protect the act of Comedy and Poetry in Ghana.